Fire Alarm Pull Station Cover - Open Face "Quick Access"

Crusader Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Shield Catalogue # Mounting Style
Edwards SHLD-FA-ED FS Backbox
Honeywell SHLD-FA-H FS Backbox
Hubble/Killark SHLD-FA-HUB FS Backbox
Mirtone SHLD-FA-MIR FS Backbox
Notifier SHLD-FA-N FS Backbox
Simplex SHLD-FA-SIM FS Backbox

Suggested Specifications

Covers not listed can be supplied, but order must be accompanied by a sample of the device to be protected, or exact measurements .

Note: Covers fit all control devices on above listed backboxes.

Note: Special built covers will not be accepted for return.

Covers can be colour coded. For example,  insert prefix "R-" in the catalogue # (ie. R-SHLD-...) for red covers.

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